A.field Media Coverage

A.field Book Talk at the University of Calgary

The Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC/AAUC)


Republication of Rivers Article

'Diffractive Drawing' Chapter Published

Ethiopia Lecture at the University of Washington

African Borders Article Published

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Talk


Afield's New Book on Situated Practices in Architecture and Politics Funded

Parsons/New School Virtual Studio Visit: New Projects

Government Funds Refugee Youth Project

Partage/Partake: Afield Show Opens

Foundation Funding

Afield at NYC Sustainable Education Meeting

Afield's New 'Spatialising the Curriculum' Article Published

Afield Image Republished in New Book on Anti-Black Hate and Urban Violence

Book Contracted

Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario Collaboration on Cultural Exchange

Afield Co-Director Kai Wood Mah Delivers McGill University Alumni Lecture on Recent Afield Projects

Afield Gives Parsons & New School African Borders Seminar

Invitation to American Institute of Architects Design Justice Summit

School of Photographic Arts Ottawa (SPAO) Talk by Rivers

Democratic Arch MOU Signed with Interlocutors

Opinion Piece by Rivers on recent Xhosa Film Published

Learning & Teaching Presentation

'Humanitarian Architectural Practice' Article Published

'Philosopher Children' Chapter Published

Bates Lecture

Afield Joins New NextGen SDG Database

Royal College of Art Lecture on Situated Practice

International Union of Architects (UIA) Presentation

Book Chapter title « Le campus urbain » published

Aga Khan University East African Institute Input

Development-Design Conference Presentation in Toronto

Engineered Worlds Presentation at UChicago

'Decolonizing the Toilet' Article by Rivers Published

Western Washington University Lecture: Design & Development

Portland State University Lecture: Development through Design

Northwestern University Lecture on African Migration

Operating Manual

Afield's article « Pais de paix sans » published

Dalhousie University Architecture Lecture: Afield Projects

« Du terrain vague au campus urbain » presentation

Afield's Public Comment on Canada's International Assistance Policy

Afield Social Development Project Receives Federal Government Funding

Refugee Housing Publication

Humanitarianism Presentation

Children, War, Play in Civil War Syria Research Project

Afield's Design Justice Article Published

UAmsterdam Lecture on Being Political in Architecture and Urban Design

OISE Lecture on Post-apartheid Schools

York University Refugee Studies Lecture

African Centre for Migration and Society Lecture on 'Model' Refugee Camp

Mah Schoolyards Article Published

University of Cape Town Lecture

European Conference on African Studies Presentation

School and Housing in South Africa Conference Presentations

Refugee Housing Presentation

Post-apartheid Housing Article Published

Cities on the Move Presentation