Aga Khan University East African Institute Input

Aga Khan University hosted a one-day forum today on child-learning environments at its Nairobi campus and Afield co-directors Kai Wood Mah and Patrick Lynn Rivers participated in the conversation. Organised by AKU’s East African Institute, the focus was upon listening to children in order to inform how architects, urban planners, and early childhood educators in particular make child-centred spaces. The central question for the day was as follows: “How can we ensure learning environments are child informed, safe and conducive to the development of not only knowledge but self-worth, creativity, and community responsibility?"

The Aga Khan University’s Nairobi campus is one of five AKU campuses with the others being in Karachi, Dar es Salaam, Kampala, and London.

AKU’s East African Institute is a research entity focused upon evidenced-based research that promotes policy solutions to the region’s multi-pronged challenges.