Ethiopia Lecture at the University of Washington

Afield gave an invited lecture at the University of Washington today that was hosted by the Department of History and the African Studies Program. The talk was titled: 'Between Tangible and Intangible Architecture: Historic Preservation and Lalibela's Rock-Hewn Churches.' Drawn from Afield's book Situated Practices in Architecture and Politics (in press), the talk takes a deep look at what happens when the logic of institutional architecture comes into contact with the faith of believers for whom institutional architecture is an existential threat not a solution

In addition to the talk, Afield co-director Patrick Lynn Rivers delivered the final invited remarks of the day at another event--a daylong retirement event honouring the 40+ year UWashington career of Michael W. McCann, Gordon Hirabayashi Professor for the Advancement of Citizenship and Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the University of Washington.