Operating Manual

Kai Wood Mah and Patrick Lynn Rivers, Afield co-directors, participated in the “Operating Manual” panel and boot camp today in New York City.​

The panel was part of the 2017 College Art Association (CAA) annual conference. The panel was used to consider “how scenario design and behaviour regulation are negotiated in the format of the survival manual, considered in an expanded sense.” As a part of the panel, Mah and Rivers presented a paper titled "Surviving a Massive Refugee Situation" and the paper abstract is here.

The boot camp, according to the press release prepared by the organisers was “a curated program designed and framed around the central theme of how we conceive of ‘solutions’ and ‘preparedness’ for living in worst-case scenarios.” The event took place at the Cabinet magazine event space. For more on the event, look here.

Both events were curated by Emily Candela (Royal College of Art), Maya Oppenheimer (Royal College of Art), and Francesca Laura Cavallo (Kent University).

Event sponsors were Cabinet magazine, the Design History Society, the Royal College of Art, and the University of Kent.