Royal College of Art Lecture on Situated Practice

The Royal College of Art (RCA) hosted Afield for RCA's inaugural lecture in the new “Situated Practices in the Humanities: The City” series. Afield co-directors delivered a designer talk in which they gave an overview of various Afield projects as well as articulated their design research methodology which is site specific and brings together design and social science perspectives mostly within the context of international development.

The RCA series organisers bring together practitioners with diverse practices to introduce RCA’s community to an array of design research possibilities. According to the series organisers, “the lectures aim to introduce and test current ideas and approaches in the Humanities. The sessions will not just be thinking about cities but also thinking with and through cities.  In this way, urban life becomes not simply the subject of critical and historical analysis, but also the means for such analysis.”

Located in London, the Royal College of Art is the best higher education institution for the study of art and design in the world according to the 2015 and 2016 QS World University Rankings. Afield’s talk was co-hosted by the RCA’s Curating Contemporary Art program, Critical Writing in Art & Design program, and the V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum)/RCA History of Design program.